You are often afraid about “malicious” websites on the internet. It seems that you cannot know when your sensitive data was stolen by attackers. And when your information, data is hacked by someone (such as banks account, Facebook, …), you just realized that your data is very importance, and you begin to care about the security when you are browsing on the Internet.


Let FDev Security protect you!

To protect you in the fastest and most accurate way, we designed some useful features for our users. And we hope that we will receive more feedback when you are using the FDev Security. Thank you so much!

When you access any sites, before this site render, FDev Security will check and detect that the site is safe or unsafe. If the site is unsafe, the extension will throw a notification page to inform users.

Real-time protection feature of Coderdocs security

When you install FDev Security extension successfully, this feature will enable real-time immediately. This feature is the most important, so you cannot disable it.

Some kind of site which blocked immediately:

  • Malware sites
  • Fishing sites
  • Spam / Illegal sites
  • Clickjacking sites
  • Crypto mining scripts/sites

You will be more private on Facebook (and Zalo) with the following features: Block seen indicator, block typing indicator, block seen Story, block typing in comment space. And in the future, we will design more awesome Facebook features.

Facebook privacy feature of Coderdocs Security

You can easily enable / disable this feature by check or uncheck the checkbox of every small functions. This feature includes:

  • Block “Seen” indicator: When you receive a Facebook message, you click to view this message, the sender will see the status “seen” in their message space. But if you enable this function, the sender can not see the status “seen” any more. They never know whether you saw the message or not.
  • Block “Typing” indicator: Similar with block “seen”, the sender can not see the “typing” indicator when you compose the message in Facebook message space (the three dots indicator “…”).
  • Block “Seen” status in Story: When you click to view the Story of someone, they will know that you have seen their Story. But with this function, nobody can know that you saw their Story. You can click and see your ex-girlfriend any time.
  • Block “Typing” indicator in Comments space: When you are typing the comment in any post. People can see the indicator “Someone are typing …”. But if you enable this function, this indicator will be disappeared forever.

Note: This feature now support Zalo web version

Note: Block “Seen” status in Story and block “Typing” indicator in Comments are disable now because some technical problems.

In addition to checking whether the website you visit contains malicious code or not, we offer a few more useful features on the web such as: Block almost porn sites (Browser for Kids), block some importance sites (Facebook, Gmail) when you absent or forgot to lock the computer, block Google and Facebook tracking scripts. All above features will be described in following section.

Web privacy feature of Coderdocs Security

You can also easily enable / disable this feature by check or uncheck the checkbox of every small functions. This feature includes:

  • Block important sites when you absent: When you go out, you forgot to lock your computer, someone can open you browser, they can open some important site such as Facebook, Gmail and see your sensitive information. If you don’t want that thing happen. Let enable this function. It allow you to block some importance sites that you don’t want anyone access to if you have to lend your computer or you go out.
  • Block tracking Ads Scripts (Google + Facebook):  This function allow you to block the tracking scripts of Facebook and Google. For example, you go to an e-commerce website, when you comeback to Facebook, the previous items in e-commerce website will be display. You can enable this function to block them.
  • Browser for kids: This function allows you to block almost porn sites in the world. If your kids use your computer, let enable this function.

When you have an URL and you don’t know this URL contains malware or not. We offered a very useful feature that: Website Malware Scanning. It allow you to analyze this URL directly in the user interface of FDev Security and check the URL is safe or not. We will provide a File Scan in the future to protect you when you receive a file by someone.


This feature allow you to hidden all information when you chat with someone in the Messenger ( Just don’t care anyone who often peek at your messages. It only work with Messenger. See below picture.

Open, you can see the Setting Icon of our Extension in top left sidebar. Click on this icon and enable the feature. Finally, enjoy it.

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Where do I can contact for supporting?

You can access to website or Facebook fanpage

How can I update the latest version of the extension

In the Chrome browser, access to URL: chrome://extensions/. Enable developer mode and click “Update” button. Everything will be updated.

How can I donate to the author?

You can donate via Paypal with below link:

Is the extension open source?

Not yet.

Can I become a supporter of the extension

Let contact to the author and get further information.